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What the tests are:

  • Date of inspection
  • Most important check flue i.e no cracks or failed joints
  • Combustion analysis needs to be done on most appliance  
  • The burner pressure/heat input is correct with manufacturers' instructions
  • Ventilation is adequately supplied
  • All gas safety devices are in accordance with current standards
  • Installed appliances pass a gas tightness test i.e. no gas leaks.
  • Any defects reported and Remedial action taken

•All Heating appliances •Boiler Installs/Repairs  •Gas fires  •Landlord Certificates •Water heaters •Cooker and hobs •pipe work

All gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months to make sure they run efficiently and to ensure they are not using too much gas. In addition, most manufacturers insist their boilers are serviced in line with their recommended guidelines in order to validate the warranties. Also, many insurance companies will make servicing a requirement of their terms and conditions.These are all very good reasons why it makes good financial sense to have your gas appliance serviced regularly. Whether it's a full central heating installation or connecting a cooker, we are always available to deal with any of your gas requirements. ensuring that the work is completed on time and to the highest of workmanship quality and industry standards.Once the safety inspection is completed, all the necessary paperwork will be filled in and signed, then supplied to you and a copy made available to us, which is a legal requirement