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Chimney and flues

Flues from room sealed boiler's need to be seen at every connection,

For long sections of flue, Support brackets have to be fitted, so this also needs checking.

Catchment space also needs checking for cracks, missing mortar and if they are adequately sealed around the mantel piece.

Flues convey burnt gases away from the appliance.

 The importance of flues is paramount, thus people forgetting this can put there lives' in great danger.

Some appliance don't have a flue, such as a cooker or hob or a flue-less gas fire.. ect. ventilation requirements are in place in these circumstances.

 Class 1 Flue. A brick chimney is easily recognised by a chimney stack, with either a pot or gas terminal on your roof, which relies on the natural circulation of air through the room and up your chimney to expel the products of combustion.

Pre-Fabricated Flues Class 1 & 2. These are usually a metal interlocking single or twin wall flue pipe connected to a flue box, with a gas terminal on your roof.

Pre-Cast Flue Class 2. Many properties  do not have chimneys so no chimney breast and are fitted with a Pre-cast flue. This flue travels up through the cavity wall of your property, to a roof ridge terminal or a metal flue terminal on the roof. These flues are very shallow in depth,

The Flue chimney open flue has to pass a smoke test to prove they are not leaking into living space or from the stack on the roof and only terminate from the chimney pot or terminal. Then with the appliance connected and working, a spillage test is carried out.

Balanced Flue. A balanced flue, which is completely sealed from the room, which they are installed, vents directly through an outside wall. Air is drawn in from the outside for combustion purposes through an outer pipe whilst the inner pipe vents the combustion gases safely away to the outside of the property, so this also needs checking for debris and obstruction, then Flue gas analysed.

A Flue gas analyser is required by law for testing most appliance.

                                               Flues need checking yearly.