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Install, service and repair

cookers and hobs need to be checked for damage and corrosion for your safety as they don't have a flue


Broken cooker or Hob and you want it repairing at a reasonable cost. That is where I can help.

I will be able to come to your home as soon as possible and evaluate the situation. I do not want to waste your time and it is the cooker my aim to do the job efficiently as we can whilst keeping you happy.

Sometimes the problem of the cooker is obvious such as the timer on the cooker is faulty. However, if the problem is not so obvious, then I will inspect the problem and will tell you the quickest and cheapest solution, which will benefit you in the long run.

Your cooker should be working correctly and safely with the flame being able to stay alight.

If you are experiencing any problems with these areas or even if you are not completely satisfied with the safety and the way in which your cooker is operating. Then contact me, I am Gas Safe registered which is of the upmost important to you for your safety.

Cooker and Hobs