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How boilers work

Most boilers double up as hot-water heaters. Some are open-vented room sealed/open flued system boilers that heat up stored water in a cylinder; others (combi boilers) heat water on demand. When you turn on a hot water, the boiler flow turbine detects that you've opened the tap, it fires up and heats the water. If it's a central heating boiler, it usually has to divert from heating the central heating while it's heating the hot water, because hot water take priority..

Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic valves (sometimes called TRVs) fitted to radiators give you more control over the temperature in individual rooms of your home and help to reduce the energy your boiler uses, saving you money.

Room Thermostats

A basic system like this is entirely manually controlled—you have to keep switching it on and off when you feel cold. Most people have heating systems with room thermostats and programmers connected to them that switch the boiler on automatically at certain times of day. Thermostats control the overall room temperature and programmers reduce the time that the heating is on so the boiler does not cycle 24/7 at max heat using more gas than necessary.

When a programmer has given call for heat the room thermostat simply switches the boiler on and off at the temperature you want the room temperature to be.

boilers installed / serviced and repaired ,

Do you need a new gas boiler? We can offer help and advice on the type of boiler that you need to suit your property and your budget.

Not all properties require a combi boiler, but all properties require a condensing boiler to comply with energy efficiency part L requirements. A condensing combi boiler is only recommended for flats and houses up to 3 bedroomed/one bathrooms containing a bath. It is important to replace a boiler and upgrade the system that is too old as you will be using up to twice as much gas to heat up your radiators.

Combi Condensing Boilers

Designed for flats and the average 3 bedroom house. A Combi condensing boilers are one of the most commonly used in central heating and do not require water tanks in the loft. They also eliminate the need for hot water cylinders as the water is instantly heated when needed in the boiler at mains pressure.

Condensing System Boilers

Designed primarily for larger 4 bed plus and/or 2 bathrooms plus. If you live in a large property it is not recommended to have a condensing combi boiler exchange from a system boiler. It is cheaper to refit a condensing system boiler, is still within government energy efficiency legislation and can be a much cheaper option for you as a customer.